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Payload Activated Bags

The highest quality activated charcoal fabric lining is used in these odour locking travel bags. The bags offer 3 layers of protection that effectively absorb the strongest smells. Each bag is meticulously constructed in order to lock in odours.

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Small Utility Bag – Light Grey, Small Utility Bag- Dark Grey, Small Utility Bag – Black, Locking Utility Bag – Grey, Locking Utility Bag – Khaki, Locking Utility Bag – Brown, Shaving kit – Light Grey, Shaving kit – Dark Grey, Shaving kit – Black, Backpack – Light Grey, Backpack – Dark Grey, Backpack – Black, Rolltop backpack – Light Grey, Rolltop backpack – Dark Grey, Rolltop backpack – Black, Duffle Bag – Grey